A little South England road trip!

Location: England

Itinerary duration: 1 day

Places of note: Stonehenge, Winchester & Portsmouth

A. Reading
During my time in England I stayed in Reading, located about 30-40 minutes outside of London. My friends and I used the company car for the weekend and it was worth it. Note that it is possible to do this 1 day road-trip from London.

B. Stonehenge

Our first point of interest was a must-visit for us: Stonehenge. The entrance fee back then cost about £8 but nowadays I believe the cost is £14.50 per adult. Stonehenge's location is rather strange as it lies in the middle of two major highways, accessible only via the entrance by the parking area nearby. 

Visitors are able to walk all the way around the UNESCO World Heritage Site and marvel in its mystery and wonder. After learning all about these monoliths, you'll leave with more questions than when you arrived, the main one being "What's the meaning of Stonehenge?" - I guess that's what makes this place so special! 

C. Winchester

Our second stop was Winchester, Hampshire's medieval masterpiece. The reason for our visit was the town's association with King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table. We walked to Winchester's Great Hall (free entrance) which houses the Round Table - beautiful but apparently a fake. Although the myth lives on! 

We then walked into the centre of town, which had a market and local produce on offer, the perfect place to stop for lunch! Lastly, we visited Winchester Cathedral, which is actually the world's longest medieval building. It's absolutely beautiful and now costs £7.50 entrance fee. The famous author, Jane Austen, can also be found buried here.  

D. Portsmouth

Our final stop for the day was Portsmouth, located all the way on Hampshire's south coast. Be sure to visit the Spinnaker Tower for great views of Portsmouth and its surroundings. I believe it now costs £9.50 per adult. There's also a shopping centre nearby and a nice wharf to walk around. 

At night time, the Spinnaker lights up in different colours! When we visited, it was possible to go up the tower again in the evening without paying extra - the views from the top at night gave a unique perspective. I'm not sure if this is possible anymore though. We then headed back to Reading. The roads were easy to navigate and the day most enjoyable!