The Mission

"Helping you plan your next vacation effortlessly"

About Us

Before You Explore is a platform where travel knowledge, experiences, tips and itineraries can be shared. Here, we aim to make your travel planning process as easy as possible!

These days you can quickly find information online about various travel destinations. However, very few of these websites provide key information like entrance fees, GPS coordinates, tips and itineraries for your length of stay at a destination. Before You Explore aims to provide all of this - because anyone can be a travel planner!

Our Founder

Before You Explore's founder, Dani Faria, is a chemical engineer with a passion for travel and adventure.

"Travel, for me, is an incredible opportunity to learn about and be immersed in different countries, cultures and languages.  

I created Before You Explore to share my travel experiences and also for others to share theirs. Even though I'm not as well travelled as many other people, it makes me happy to know that I could potentially assist others in planning their next trip.

In a world plagued by negativity, I also want to bring some type of light by sharing its beauty. I  want to inspire others to travel and just appreciate the splendour of their surroundings. You can really find beauty in everything. 

Along with travel, I am passionate about conservation and sustainability. I believe it goes hand-in-hand with our daily lives because without it, our world will not be the same for very long. We have the power to protect our planet so that we (and future generations) can marvel at its magnificence!"

"Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light." - Yogi Bhajan

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