Top 10 Seville

Located in Spain's Andalusia province, famous for being the birthplace of both flamenco and bullfighting, Seville is arguably the most Spanish of all Spanish cities! This Moorish-influenced city has so much to offer, giving an authentic experience to its visitor. Before You Explore's top 10 list aims to showcase this wonderful city in all its glory!

1. Plaza de España

Why visit? Because it's majestic, it's grand and it showcases Spain's history in splendid style! This pavilion was built for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929 (Expo 29) and has hand-painted tiles from various parts of Spain. In fact, you will find each Spanish province represented here in a tiled masterpiece illustrating its historical high point. A great place to explore and relax!

Entrance fee: free
Opening times: 24 hours, everyday
GPS coordinates: 37.377187, -5.986904

2. Real Alcázar

Why visit? Seville's royal palace is a prime example of Mudejar architecture, combining Moorish techniques with Catholic symbols. It's one of Europe's oldest royal palaces and is still used today by the king of Spain. Beautiful tiles, horseshoe arches and intricate details all add to the wonder of this breathtaking palace complex. Well worth the entrance fee, the Real Alcázar is not to be missed!

Website: Alcazar Sevilla
Entrance fee: 9.50 for adults, €2 for students aged 17-25 years and free for children, locals and the disabled
Opening times: October - March 09h30-17h00 and April - September 09h30-19h00
GPS coordinates: 37.383793, -5.991077

3. Catedral de Sevilla

Why visit? Seville's cathedral is the 3rd largest in the world, after St. Peter's in the Vatican and St. Paul's in London. It took over a century to build, from 1403 to 1506! Whilst these statistics are impressive enough, the cathedral also houses the tomb of the great navigator and explorer, Christopher Columbus, as well as many treasures and artworks. Climb up La Giralda Tower for amazing views of the city!

Entrance fee: 9 for adults, €4 for pensioners and students under 25 years, and free for children, locals and the disabled (ticket includes entrance to La Giralda Tower)
Opening times: Weekdays 11h00-15h30, Saturdays 11h00-17h00 and Sundays 14h30-18h00
GPS coordinates: 37.3858289, -5.9952955

4. Barrio de Santa Cruz

Why visit? Lying east of the cathedral, Barrio de Santa Cruz has all the charm and character one would look for in a Spanish city. Relax outside a bar or try some tapas! This old-Jewish quarter is the perfect place to have an afternoon stroll, with its cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses. Just be sure to stay clear from the obvious touristy restaurants and instead, wander off the beaten track.

Entrance fee: free
Opening times: 24 hours, everyday
GPS coordinates: 37.385975, -5.9940163

5. Flamenco Show

Why visit? Flamenco is passion, it's emotion, spontaneity and tradition! This form of song, guitar playing and dance captures the soul of Andalusia, with no experience being complete without the frills, castanets and hand-clapping! Tablao El Arenal is featured here (photo above from their website), although there are plenty of places in Seville to watch this art form. Research beforehand to find the best place for you and enjoy the spirit of Andalusia, olé!

Websites: Tablao El Arenal and for general information - Flamenco in Seville
Entrance fee: at Tablao El Arenal it's €38 p.p for show & drink, €60 p.p for show and tapas, and €72 p.p for show and dinner - note that prices will vary for other venues
Opening times: your reservation will either be for 19h30 or 21h30
GPS coordinates: 37.3851132, -5.9992427

6. Plaza de toros de la Maestranza

Why visit? The bull is Spain's national animal, famous for its role in Spanish festivals. For many bullfighting fans, called aficionados, bullfighting is not just a sport but an art form. However, for many other people, it is considered cruelty towards animals. Visiting the Plaza de Toros museum is a great way to learn more about this tradition without actually watching a bull fight. That way, you can get an insight into Andalusian / Spanish culture and also decide where you stand on the matter.

Website: Real Maestranza
Entrance fee: €7 for adults, €4 for pensioners and students, €3 for 7-11 year olds and free for children younger than 7 years
Opening times: 1 November - 31 March 09h30-19h00 and 1 April - 31 October 09h30-21h00
GPS coordinates: 37.3859976, -6.0005892

7. La Giralda Tower

Why visit? La Giralda Tower is considered to be Seville's finest relic of the Almohad dynasty. Standing at 98-m (322-foot), the tower can easily be climbed to have spectacular 360° views of the city! The name 'Giralda' was derived from its weather vane, installed after its 25 bells. Views from the tower include the bullring, María Luisa park, Guadalquivir river and of course, the cathedral!

Website: Catedral de Sevilla
Entrance fee: 9 for adults, €4 for students under 25 years and pensioners, and free for children, locals and the disabled (ticket includes entrance to Catedral de Sevilla)
Opening times: Weekdays 11h00-15h30, Saturdays 11h00-17h00 and Sundays 14h30-18h00
GPS coordinates: 37.3858289, -5.9952955

8. Capilla de San José

Why visit? Because this is a little baroque gem of Seville! You will most likely come across this church by mistake, as it is neatly tucked away off the shopping district street called Calle Sierpes. Actually, the alleyway in which it is situated has a Guess shop! The inside of this little church is even better, with elaborate paintings, gold frames and beautiful detail. Romantic and breathtaking!

Website: Visita Sevilla - Capilla San José
Entrance fee: free
Opening times: Everyday 09h30-12h30 and 18h30-20h30
GPS coordinates: 37.3900549, -5.9970921

9. Torre del Oro

Why visit? Otherwise known as the Golden Tower, Torre del Oro was built to protect the southern port of the city during the Almohad Empire. It's a sight that cannot be missed while walking along the Guadalquivir river! Once a chapel, prison, gunpowder warehouse and post office, Torre del Oro is now a Maritime Museum where visitors can learn more about Spain's maritime history.

Website: Visita Sevilla - Torre del Oro
Entrance fee: 3 for adults; 1.50 for students, children aged 6-14 years and over 65-pensioners; free for children younger than 6 years and for the disabled
Opening times: Weekdays 09h30-18h45 and Weekend 10h30-18h45
GPS coordinates: 37.3824292, -5.99863

10. Parque de María Luisa

Why visit? This beautiful park is the largest green space in the city - perfect for a picnic or afternoon stroll. Since the Expo 29 was held here, the park is filled with architectural gems waiting to be found, some of which include the Plaza de España, Plaza de América and Pabellon Mudejar, to name a few. You'll find these along the many crisscrossing roads, hedges and paths inside the park. Enjoy!

Website: Visita Sevilla - María Luisa
Entrance fee: free
Opening times: 24 hours, everyday
GPS coordinates: 37.3747321, -5.9904005

What would your Top 10 Seville be?