Best of Cape Town in 1 day!

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Itinerary Duration: 1 day

Places of note: 
V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain, Signal Hill, Camps Bay, Clifton

Cape Town is one of, if not, the most beautiful cities in the world! It has something special for everyone, leaving its visitors and even the locals in awe of its majestic beauty! This 1-day itinerary will take you in a somewhat circular route around the city centre and can be done by car or by City Sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus (red route).

A. V&A Waterfront
One of Cape Town's top attractions, the V&A Waterfront shall be our starting point for this awesome itinerary. If you're staying somewhere else in the city centre, feel free to skip this point and head directly to Point B. Otherwise, perhaps begin your day with a short breakfast in one of the Waterfront's many coffee shops?

B. Table Mountain

Ask any Capetonian (local) about Cape Town and they'll probably mention Table Mountain and its remarkable beauty. Named after its table-like shape, Table Mountain is the city's focal point and pride...and for good reason. In 2012, it was officially named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. 

No visit to Cape Town would be complete without a trip up Table Mountain - and the views of the city below are completely worth it! It is recommended that you get there early though (hence why it is our first stop) as there can be crowds of people in long lines. Another reason is that the weather can change later in the day. 

In summer when the southeasterly wind  blows and clouds sweep over the top of the mountain, it can be said that Table Mountain has its "table cloth". Visibility on top would be minimal then but luckily this wind only picks up in the afternoon. Well, usually. In winter, your best chances are also in the morning but this can vary daily. Cape Town is, after all, known for its "four seasons in one day". You can easily spend hours exploring and admiring the views. Thrill seekers can even abseil down! Grab some lunch at the Table Mountain Café before you leave.

C. Signal Hill

Signal Hill is famous for its noon gun and sunset gatherings. Because access to the top of Signal Hill is nearby Table Mountain's parking area, this is a great place to stop before we visit some famous beaches. There is ample parking available and even when full, drivers can park along the road. With incredible views of Table Mountain behind, Sea Point below and Robben Island in the distance, Signal Hill is a photographer's dream! You might even be tempted to hike up Lion's Head nearby! 

D. Camps Bay

The drive down from Signal Hill to Camps Bay is one with spectacular views. You can't miss the white sands of Camps Bay beach, the palm tree lined promenade and the beautiful blue waters! Camps Bay, considered one of Cape Town's most trendiest places, has plenty of restaurants and bars to pass the time. In addition to that, it has a popular beach with views of the Twelve Apostles. I'd recommend grabbing a cocktail somewhere along the promenade while you enjoy the view. Café Caprice is a well known option.

E. Clifton

Known as Cape Town's St. Tropez, Clifton is one of the world's most beautiful beaches! Its reputation as a millionaire's playground can easily be seen by the mansions and yachts in the area - but what's great about Clifton is that it's a beach for everyone. Four breathtaking beaches make up this little paradise of the city, each cove separated by giant boulders. Clifton 4th is the most popular and the perfect spot to watch the sunset. A wonderful experience even for a local like myself! 

F. V&A Waterfront

Our last stop is the V&A Waterfront, which is much more than just a shopping centre. The Wheel of Excellence dominates the area here, providing wonderful views of the harbour and Table Mountain. Don't miss the Clock Tower nearby. I'd recommend having dinner at Quay Four, a restaurant with amazing views of the harbour area. The top half of the restaurant provides a fine dining experience whereas the bottom half provides more of a relaxed pub vibe with live music and all-round good atmosphere. The perfect end to a perfect day of sightseeing!