Bantry Bay to Camps Bay

Cape Town is famous for its natural beauty right on the city centre's doorstep! A visit to this city would not be complete without seeing its most popular beaches, Clifton and Camps Bay. This 1-hour walk will take you along Victoria Road from Bantry Bay to Clifton, where we'll walk along the beach from Clifton 2nd to Clifton 4th, and then to Maidens Cove, overlooking Camps Bay. The incredible views on this walk will take your breath away! Even as a local, I was in awe of my city.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Places of note: 
Bantry Bay, Clifton, Maiden's Cove & Camps Bay

This was the first time I have ever walked along the coast from Bantry Bay to Camps Bay, and boy was it worth the wait! Around every corner, there's something new and beautiful to see. Contrary to the map above, I decided to walk down to Clifton 2nd (B) and along the beach to Clifton 4th (C) before walking back up the steps by Clifton 4th and onto the road again.

A. Bantry Bay

Bantry Bay is lovely suburb with a view of Lion's Head and a rocky little coastline. This is the starting point for our epic walk! Before we begin, descend the stairs onto the rocky beach and explore a bit of this area - the most notable thing being the massive boulder, perfect for a "super human strength" photograph (haha). Charles Darwin once visited this area for research purposes but it's now well-known for being wind-free for most of the year - how delightful!

B. Clifton 2nd

Descend the steps to Clifton 2nd Beach, passing a few houses along the way. Being 1 of 4 secluded beaches, Clifton 2nd is popular among locals and foreigners alike. Admire the beautiful boulders, walk to Clifton 1st Beach or continue onto Clifton 4th. You'll be happy to know that Clifton's Beaches were rated by travellers as the 9th Best Beach in Africa on Tripadvisor

My favourite beach is Clifton 3rd. Why? Because if you climb up the boulders separating it from Clifton 4th, you'll have the perfect spot to watch the sun set - you're welcome.

C. Clifton 4th

Clifton 4th is by far the most popular out of all Clifton beaches. This is largely due to the extra amenities provided here, perfect for families and even frequented by celebrities. It's basically the place to be seen! On a hot summer's day, this is evident in the number of yachts anchored in the bay. Not only can you rent an umbrella or deck chair, there are also toilet facilities, changing rooms, lifeguards on duty and places to buy snacks & drinks. 

When I walked along the beach here, the water was crystal clear and a wonderful shade of blue - quite magical! I was quite proud when I found out that Clifton 4th received the Blue Flag award for upholding such high environmental, safety and tourist standards.  I have no doubt that Clifton is one of the most amazing beaches in the world!

D. Maiden's Cove

A walk up the stairs from Clifton 4th will take you to the car park. Follow a path right, parallel to Victoria Road, that will lead you to a restaurant called The Bungalow - this is a great place to stop for a drink, snack or lunch. But please note that it's rather pricey. 

Continue walking (along Victoria Road) until you reach the right turnoff to Maiden's Cove. I don't care what anyone says, in my opinion, this is thee MOST beautiful spot in Cape Town! Climb onto the rocks here and you'll have such an incredible view of Camps Bay, the Twelve Apostles and sea - literally nothing else can compare to this view! Haha, okay maybe Table Mountain, of course. But seriously, it's just the best. If you've brought along some food, this would be the perfect place to have a little picnic. Then you can either head back to Bantry Bay or continue onward to Camps Bay.

E. Camps Bay

Walking for an extra 15 minutes will lead you to Camps Bay Beach, recently rated by travellers as the 17th Best Beach in the WORLD on Tripadvisor! There are plenty of restaurants here to satisfy your hunger and at reasonable prices. How about a cocktail at Café Caprice? Or simply catch a tan on this world famous beach. It's quite easy to see why many spend hours here.

Walk along Victoria Road back to Bantry Bay or, if you'd like to spend more time in each location, catch a taxi or Uber back to your car!

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